Why should I buy from McNamara Dairy?

  • Since 1950 our family has been farming in the same location along the banks of the Connecticut River in Plainfield, New Hampshire.  From our cows to your table our milk is fresh, delicious and nutritious.  By choosing McNamara Dairy products, you are reducing your carbon footprint, making a healthy choice for your family and supporting your local community.

Why does McNamara Dairy use glass bottles?

  • Milk tastes better in glass.  By using glass, we are able to preserve the true taste of our milk. We also choose to bottle our milk in glass bottles because we value the small impact on the environment produced by reusable packaging.  Glass bottles allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, help you reduce your carbon footprint and create less waste to our landfills.

How long will the milk last in my fridge?

  • The date located on the cap of your bottle will indicate the expiration date of your milk.   To ensure that you are drinking the freshest quality milk that we can provide, we date our milk for a 10 day shelf life.

What do you feed your cows?

  • This is a great question, and one we hear a lot.  Our cows eat a ration of the following ingredients:  corn silage, haylage, dry hay, brewer’s grain and dry grain.
  • So what are these things that they eat?  Corn Silage, is corn that is grown here on our farm by us, chopped in the fall and packed in bunker silos to feed the cows all winter and through the next summer.  Haylage is a grass product, again raised and harvested here on our farm.  This grass is chopped and put into a bunker silo while it still has some moisture in it, this allows the haylage to ferment some while it is curing. Dry hay is also a grass product, only with this the grass is completely dry when it is baled into square bales and stacked in the barn.  Brewer’s grain is one of the cow’s favorites!  It is the by-product of the beer making process, instead of the product being dumped as waste- the cows eat it, love it and pull the wasted nutrients out of the grain to use to make their milk.  Our brewer’s grain comes from a local brewery. And finally the cows get some dry pelleted grain to top off their meal.

Do you use hormones or rBST to increase milk production?

  • NO, we never did and never will.  We believe that good animal husbandry and good nutrition make our cows healthy, happy and productive.

Do you use antibiotics?

  • We like to compare antibiotic use in our cows to antibiotics in your family.  When you or your child are sick, you are often prescribed antibiotics or medication; the same is true for our cows. We would not just let one of our cows go untreated and die. If one of the cows is ill, we call our veterinarian to check the cow, make a diagnosis and prescribe the correct medication.  Each medication comes with rules of usage.  Any cow that has received medication is clearly marked with colorful leg band. We discard their milk for the indicated time and test it for any residue before reintroducing it.  The health of the our cows and quality of our products are very important.